Fucking MacGruber! Um, 1-4-3 I l-l-l-loved the opening credits! That song! “MacGruber/ he made a fucking movie/for You-ber.” Then, while explaining the character in a heavily redacted classified file, there’s a sax solo. Played by MacGruber! Because MacGruber prefers adult contemporary over hard rock “action movie” music. Classic Grubes!

Speaking of the best of the Grubester, before he can start a new mission, he has to become himself. To become himself, he has to dig up his own coffin… where he’s keeping a change of clothes!

Also, hilarious name-play. Name-play specific hi-fives, guys! Dixon Piper? Deiter Von Cunth? Vernon Freedom?! Fucking LOL, bro (FLOLB!).

So, anyway, all of Van Cunth’s art projects are amazing. Like, someone’s going to be fucking pissed when Van Cunth’s shit’s up at the Whitney and MacGruber can’t even get onto the list for the opening night gala. Spoiler, MacGruber is going to be fucking pissed! Von Cunth is totally MacGruber’s Mister Brainwash!!!

I will never question the hilarity of sex scenes again. Jorma Taccone took the sex scene convention and talked it into some freaky shit. With the ghost!

The last thing I’ll say is see this one. It’s a hot, special mess. And remember: there are only two victims at MacGruber’s wedding, and one of them’s the priest.